Portland Mall Shooter Stopped by CCW holder, MEDIA LIES by OMISSION



School Shooting Massacre—


Because YOU dont know WTF makes this world operate.

You dont know the history of the Prussian Education System in America

You dont know how your Govt is elected

You dont know how YOUR brain works, specificly how it works with Anti-Deppression Meds

You dont know how Big Pharma “tests” the safety of its pills

You dont know how the relationship between Big Pharma and Big Govt really works

You know nothing of Sophist Rhetoric. Or Grammar.  Or Logic.

The rational person sees the events of this year logicly–it should be clear to the rational mind that whats being said in the Media, the RHETORIC thats being repeated by our friends and neighbors–to BAN ALL GUNS–is a compleate illogical approch to fixing this problem.

Im not going to spell it out for you.  And you are NOT going to take my guns.  Multiple “gun controls” were in place last week and it didnt stop anything–in fact–made it worse.


Research The History of PRUSSIAN EDUCATION in AMERICA, and maybe you will understand the SYMPTOM/EFFECT of YOU not KNOWING.

Rich and poor, all decieved–a sickness of the mind.  Well thats all fine and good if all you SHEEP, RICH AND POOR ALIKE want to go down with the ship–




Fukushima was Japans 9-11

Its obvious to me, that there is only one explanation for the info coming from Japan and US Govt and NGOs obfuscating and denying and lying.

Japanese authorities cannot tell the truth about #3, so focus on #4, milk that fear factory just to get a little more milage to develop a campaign to deal with blow-back.

Bringing to light the facts about #3, and its man-made act of war that led to its destruction, cannot be told to the public, and JAPAN/TEPCO IS BEING FORCED INTO TELLING LIES TO THE WORLD.

Not to mention the silence NRC and EPA in this Country as to health concerns from radiation exposure.

Now, Im an expert in the School of Life.  I try to rely on logic and reason.  I dont know WTF is really going on over at Fuku-maybe those over there dont either-Its possible. And Im not sure of any perp just yet.  Others in the community have their facts.

I think we will have to wait and see, as there isnt much credibility given to some of the data-but for now-it may be safe to say that-

Japan is being muscled into silence by a foreign Govt, cabal, or banking system?. This will not be obvious to those who are looking at the Fukushima event as separate from other events. One cannot just look at whats happening over there and concede it was a terrible event caused by nature. Common sense wont allow me to!

Meanwhile, while the moves on the Grand Chessboard take place–you are to busy buying supplies and too stressed out from not being able to pinpoint the problem, let alone come to a solution.

My solution is this. Either come to an understanding of the reality of Shadow Govt, and know that a wolverine in a corner only has two good options. Attack and Defend. You cant do this with belief in Govt as Savior.

OR–you can follow the Judas Goat down the garden path, thats what all these BS NGOs and alphabet soup quazi-govt enities–dont get me started on contractors amount to. They will keep you ignorant. Good luck with that!

So whats it gonna be folks? Wolverine or Sheep?


Fukushima Refugees–I shouldve posted a year ago–my house is your house.

My house is your house.  If you are from Japan and are seeking refuge in America, I have a 3 bedroom house with some extra room to share.  Families welcome, we are 30 somethings living in a recreation paradice.  I should have offered a year ago, and for that I am sorry.  If you wish to leave Japan and can find a way to get here, contact me here.   I live in Oregon, in the middle of nowhere.


A Letter to Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden about Fukushima Disaster

Dear Sen. Wyden,

Thank you. Thank you for having the resolve to actually report on the Fukushima Diachi Disaster.
The ENTIRE WORLD is commending you right now on the inter-webs….and I am proud to have you as one of our Senators.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Im really upset at the fact that both the Pacific Fisheries and the Gulf and (the sea currents flow into the North Atlantic)Atlantic Fisheries have been affected by pollution from “strange and suspicious” “accidents”.

I do not believe Fukushima and Deepwater Horizon events were “accidents”.

Senator, I think we are in full economic Warfare. Maybe the facts (if the public even gets them)will show otherwise. Id like to hope so.

These are indeed interesting times. This Country is about to make some real changes. Id like to feel like we still have three branches of Govt in place to make appropriate decisions. Sadly, this is literally not true anymore. We have a real problem with the Executive Branch right now, and We will be looking to our State Govt for solutions. Diplomacy MUST be successful, because the next step will be a show of force from the People of America. This is a reality. This is not the reality I envisioned for my future.

A thousand thank yous is really not enough, Sen. Wyden.

Native Oregonian

Artists–Dont let the boot-heels of Fascism get to you……..

There is a reason for this post.  I make pipes to smoke dried leaves, tobacco, cannabis, sage.  I blow glass, and it is my chosen trade since 1998, when I graduated high school.  See, in my town, Medford, Oregon–as a woman, your options for life as a working adult were the Service Industry (because the resource based economy was gutted in 1990s by environmental regulations)  or move far away and go to College.  Never mind that you couldnt return to your hometown because there was no work there…..you had to move to California or Colorado or Washington State if you had a degree just to afford paying the loans.

Well long story short–instead of doing either of those things I got into blowing glass.  It was a wonderful career–I made my own hours, sold my own products, and developed good business habits.  Then in 2003, John Ashcroft and the Bush Admin dealt us glassblowers a major blow via Operation Pipe Dreams. Tommy Chongs bongs, and JBD glass were among the hardest hit, while a lot of the glassblowers bowed out of the business to go underground.  I quit working out of fear.  I moved away to go to an Equipment Operators trade school, and Im still paying off the loans.  It proved to be a poor decision–the retraining was being promoted as part of NAFTA.  IT WAS A SCAM AND I FELL FOR IT, BECAUSE THE ECONOMY HERE HAS NO CONSTRUCTION ANYMORE. Hind-sights 20/20.

I figured, It was too risky to do anything “illegal” so I may as well go “legit” (because functional art isnt legit? WTF?) Anyway, I ran equipment and drove dumptrucks for 5 years.  It was hell.  I had to work with really stupid men.  Sexist men.  Masagenistic men.  Men who hated me beacause they thought I had it easier than them because of Affirmative Action.  Dont get me wrong, I love men.  But I like the thinking types.  This is a really shitty environment to work in, ladies.  Please dont kid yourselves…..

Well, I had enough of that.  I was starving, and moving, and spending all my hard earned cash to do so. And the constant drug testing!  I smoke weed.  I dont do drugs.  So this was a real problem.  The cons were outweighing the pros.

Im a Glassblower.  I make pipes for smoking.  Apparently because of that Im a criminal.  Yet, I made a positive decision to start up again, otherwise I wouldnt have anything in life.  Id be a brick in the wall.

I know many blowers who read this will probably say, there is nothing to worry about as long as products are not shipped across states.  Look.  This isnt the problem.  The problem is two-fold. One is getting society to look at being an artist as a REAL job.  The other,  is the problem of labeling products “parefanilia”.  EVERYONE knows this is a big problem, and you will be a criminal with a pipe in you’re possession.  Why shouldnt I sell my wares on the street?  Because everyone else has to buy a permit?  Thats not a good enough answer anymore.  A side note to this, is that if I REALLY wanted to make some money at this, I couldnt.  I have to stay below the financial “radar”.

This is Fascism, folks.

Im writing this post because now that you have an understanding of my history, you can now see that every day that goes by I risk being hammered by DHS.  Its true.   It does weigh on my mind.  However,  under the alternative I was unhappy and I was dyeing inside.  Im an Artist DAMMIT.  These four little words have landed many artists in jail, or beheaded, or worse.  Its true, the Artist is an enemy of the state.  What we do is very dangerous to the Status Quo.  Its still like we glassblowers are on the island of Milan as prisoners.  I believe this with my heart.

To protect myself, and hopefully to inspire other artists to speak up before its too late, Im sending this post to a few of my favorite people.  If you are reading this, Its because WHEN I GET ROLLED FOR MY CHOICES, hopefully, IT WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED.  I dont want to disappear without someone knowing what happened.  Seriously, this is a reality for a lot of artists right now.

Its hard enough gathering the capital to even begin to produce anything anymore, and this goes across the small business board no matter what business were talking about.  I think its only a matter of time before another artist has their human right to prosperity and freedom of speech (art is part of freedom of speech and expression) disregarded and gets popped by the BS regulations to freedom of trade.

Im going for it, because taking the risk is actually true freedom. Hell, America was built on that notion.

This is the time to resist.

A Message From One Of The Attorneys At Obama’s Eligibility Proceedings In Atlanta

The following article has been reproduced under fair use policies.  Due to the severity of the situation in America at this time, I have chosen to present this message, and the link to the full original document, as posted by the Western Center for Journalism.

the original post is here   http://www.westernjournalism.com/author/daniel/

Fellow Constitutionalists,

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my parents talking about Nixon and the Watergate scandal. I remember the newspaper headline: “Nixon Resigns!” President Nixon’s fight against court subpoenas made international news. Yesterday President Obama completely ignored a court subpoena, and the world shrugged.

Obama’s behavior yesterday is even more disturbing than Nixon’s. Nixon at least respected the judicial branch enough to have his attorney’s show up in court and follow procedure. Nixon’s fight in the courts followed existing law. Nixon acknowledged the authority of the judicial branch even while he fought it. Obama, on the other hand, essentially said yesterday that the judicial branch has no power over him. He ordered his attorneys to stay away from the hearing. He didn’t petition a higher court in a legitimate attempt to stay the hearing. Instead he showed complete contempt for the entire judicial branch and for the rule of law. Rather than respecting the legal process Obama went around the courts and tried to put political pressure directly on the Georgia Secretary of State. When that failed, he simply ignored the judicial branch completely.

The rule of law, and our three-branch system of government, now hang in the balance. If the Georgia court issues a ruling on the merits and an order finding Obama in contempt of court, and if that contempt order actually results in real punishment of some kind, then we will still have a Constitutional Republic. If this doesn’t happen, then Obama will have been rewarded for showing complete contempt for the judicial branch.

full article here  http://www.westernjournalism.com/author/daniel/

Benjamin Fulford and the White Dragon Society aka Order of the Quest

Ben Fulford, Im talking to you.

The statements I have came across in your interview on Wednesday, September 14th  2011, gave me much material to chew on.  While I admit, that in a time of terror, I did feel that glimmer of hope in my heart….

I take issue with MUCH of your rhetoric, as I will line out below.

Really, Ive got to give it to you, Ben–I am quite sure you are telling many half truths, so I have reason to not disregard you and your work.  However, I think its time you answered a few questions.  You almost had me.  You definitely get kudos for directing the herd.  Well done.

Lets just look at your interview on Wednesday, September 14th  2011 with David Wilcock, shall we?

A link to the transcript here http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/975-undergroundbases

When asked by Wilcock, “Could you just say who “We” is, for a minute?”

Your response was, ” “We” is a group of us who are involved in the fight to overthrow this cabal. It includes members of the CIA, the Pentagon, the [intelligence] agencies, and various [other groups], including Asian secret societies. We use the name White Dragon. There is another group that calls themselves the White Hats. We all have the same goal, which is to get this insane group of people out of power.”

Well, y know, thats great.  Im glad there is another set of secret societies,  who are as upset as me with the way things in the world is going.  I am NOT glad that this group has decided to name themselves White Dragon, because thats a very specific symbol with specific principles, NONE OF WHICH have to do with sovereign rights, peer review, hell,  its ANOTHER secret society with the SAME end goal of World Socialism.  I guess in your interview,  the listeners who understand the twilight language of the anti-freedom NWO future are few.  Barnum said, there was one born every minuet.

Anyway Ben, Theres this group I know of, known as the Order of the Quest.  The Order of the Quest is an ancient group of intellectual philosophers that do not want to be known for their works. This group has ALWAYS appeared in history during rebellions and revolutions as a “hidden Hand” to direct the worlds history.  See, during these times of revolutions, that there is a vacuum, and in this vacuum, is when the White Brotherhood, AKA White Dragons AKA Order of The Quest makes its move. One only needs to research these names with events in history such as the signing of the Declaration for Independence, the development of the US flag, Magna Carta, Reformation, the assassinations and promotions of Caesars in Rome, the writing, publication, and distribution of the Bible, the Crucifixion of a man named Jesus, and much much farther back events than that as the Rosicrution Order and many others stretch back to even the beginning of that Old Timey Religion–Luciferianism and humanism.

So, yes, your referral of this secret Government (you call it a group)  has more messianic marks than St Johns Cathedral. Im not really interested in whether you know this or not, nor do i care.  Either way, if you follow the occult symbology, White is BAD, and Black is GOOD.  YOU FOLLOW????  why else would adepts like the Highwaymen wear black, almost religiously?  Well, because they are good guys, sending a good message, surrounded by a world of EVIL-and they know it.  It is a black and white world after all, eh Ben?

When asked by Wilcocks “WHY FULFORD? Some of the criticism I have seen from people on the Internet is, “If this group is so vast and so powerful to fight this cabal, why is Benjamin Fulford the only one talking about this?”

Your response was “These people like their secrecy – and I am a spokesperson. When you go to the White House, there is only one voice they give to the public. They prefer to work behind the scenes. You’ve got to realize we’re dealing in a world where they use assassination like most of us use tissue papers.”

Yes, Ben- They do like secrecy, because secrecy is the only way you can exclude the people from knowing or having ANY involvement in decisions THAT SHAPE THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND THEIR CHILDREN. No, vote. No democracy, no peer review.  Just more secrets from secret govt.  Great idea, Ben.

The Whitehouse, being WAY out of line, as a foreign entity on American soil–has declared war on the people who live here.  Im not so sure us Free People are going to be happy about that one voice THAT HASN’T REPRESENTED THE MAJORITY IN MORE THAN A CENTURY. So, yeah–thats a really worthless thing to say in support of you as a Representative of a secret Govt. The logic FAILS.  Sorry.

Oh, and if you were really telling us anything of substance–That is, that there is a secret society that is ABOVE the hegalian left/right- east/west that has been controlling world politics behind the scenes for centuries-YOU WOULD BE DEAD ALREADY.  The truth is punishable by death.  Your claims to multiple attempts of murder against you is, well–lacking proof.  The fact that you say you were offered protection by these asian groups raises many red flags.

Your next statements, when asked how the Japanese came to look at you as a voice for the Group, was alarming , to say the least.

You answered  “According to the UN development report, you need 400 billion to stop environmental destruction and 200 billion to end poverty.  So I’m saying, “Hey, you guys, why don’t you end poverty and stop environmental destruction?”

WOW, Ben.  I may be a simple girl educated in the Public Fool System in America.  But something tells me, that throwing money at the problem of “environmental destruction” and “poverty”– Is going to be a waste of time AND money unless you fix the true causes–namely–the greedy, control-hungry partnership between Corporations and Government.  NO ONE has more effects on those issues than that. This Happy Hippy Horseshit may fly with the Neo-New-Agers,  but is such an obvious fallacy that really makes you sound like a dupe.  Please stop treating the people as such.

You go on to state: “In any case, the South Koreans told the Chinese that an assassination order was out for me. This was because of my publicly calling for the Asians to stop spending their savings on this vast military machine. You have got to remember, during the Cold War they actually had this anti-Communism excuse. But, the War on Terror was so obviously fake that it was just ridiculous to anybody who does any serious research or investigation.”

Honey, the War on Terrorism and Communism both have the same enemy-Freedom.  Only the profane believe otherwise. So, im not really feeling you on the War on Terror being fake.  It is terrorizing a lot of people all over the world,  at this very moment.

Heres where you state that the CHINESE SECRET SOCIETY OFFERS PROTECTION: “I got invited to join a Chinese secret society that offered me protection from this assassination order – and that’s how I found myself in this secret world of financial power. The group that offered me protection was the group that was behind the non-aligned nations. It crosses borders. If you think in terms of countries, you don’t understand how these people work. They have big factions in China, in the US and in Europe – both against and for them. It crosses borders. If you think in terms of nation-states, you won’t understand how these groups work.”

OH.  So, Internationalists with NO hail to any Nation, are leading the world resistance.  I hope they have my best interests in mind, Ben.  That would fit repetitive history  just fine.
THANKS FOR POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS–FUKASHIMA, AND AUGUST EARTHQUAKE DATA LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A NATURAL EARTHQUAKE!  Thank you mister obvious….im glad we dont have to go into that stuff and we can focus on REAL issues, like controlled opposition.
You go on to say:  “That’s why I told the Pentagon guys, “You can have a Starship Enterprise future, exploring the Universe and all that kind of stuff. Just work with us.”
Ok, well if you look real close, Star Trek was the Utopic Socialist Wet Dream Future, in Technicolor.  Im not really down with that, Ben.
You also stated that you told the guys in Washinton  “We’re not going to cut you off. You’re not going to end up like the Soviet Union, where you have a general who is now suddenly being forced to drive a taxi in London.”
No, Ben, those responsible should be held responsible , not allowed to even drive a cab.  These people you are talking about will end up in the Gulag with the others, as they have in the past–Under a Socialist World Order, which is what your group sounds like they are aligned with.
Also, your brazen use of rhetoric such as “Chinas October Surprise” and “EVE”  have roots in MANY Freemasonic events in the past -so many that all youd have to do is google the phrase “October Surprise”  I mean–this goes back for centuries.  Dont just take it from me.
I hope, for your sake, that all this DOES go public-or you will have some explaining to do, Ben.
Also, FYI–your statement of the USPS going bankrupt is lukewarm as the USPS is a quasi-governmental agency,  more akin to a private company,  and hasn’t received tax funding since the 1980s…..so,  not sure about it being a bellwether to total Government bankruptcy or collapse.  The bankruptcy of USPS is more likely due to bloated pensions and perks for employees and FedEx and UPS having way better marketing.
And in response to you being sure of mass arrests this year in Govt during a time of revolt–you know this has happened before, like in the Bolshevik Revolution?  Where paupers and politicians alike were arrested.  You think this would be good???  Hope those arrested are the ones that are FOR secret Govt,  and not the ones against it.—
I thought this was an interesting statement, Ben:
“But right now, they’re also trying to cut a deal. [The international alliance is] saying, “Hey, look. If you guys will stop the nuclear terror, then maybe we’ll forgive you.” It’s one of those situations where so many people are involved that it is better to have a truth and reconciliation committee rather than a bunch of arrests and beheadings, you know?  What I’m saying is that there either will be thousands of arrests of prominent people, starting with people like Henry Kissinger…Or else, they will cut a deal – and appear before a truth and reconciliation committee in exchange for one time of forgiveness.”
—–LOL!!!!!  C’mon, Ben.  this is funny making.  If you think this is how it should be done,  than im positive you are a SHILL.
AND you go on to promote your book, and video and you and DW stroke each other for a while…very good…seems very typical of the times…not sure who said it–but they say reading is a form of slavery without critical thinking….
This meeting between the 57 Finance Ministers from around the world that took place on board a ship off the coast of Monaco is BULLSHIT, Ben Fulford.  You want to know WHY?  Because its SECRET!  It aint gonna fly, Ben.  Sorry.
I am very suspicious of a sober man, Ben.  So are many people.
Points to consider.
Throughout history-  there has been a focus on political parties being in opposition to each other.  But further research shows there was always a secret element above them, kept safe because of the pyramid structure built into society the world over.  Why would right now be any different?

Who are these secret Saviors, anyway?

What is the goal of the white dragon society?

Where have these societies been known to have existed in history?

If this group is interested in controlling the world, instead of the Bankers, why would right now be any different than all the other times in history we have had?  If people have had a choice of governance back then, then why dont we live in that good society, now?
The answer, is rhetorical.  Until we govern ourselves, we will always choose the choices that we are given.  To hell with your White Dragon Society, Ben.  You should really learn to think for yourself.

SO. You call yourself an Environmentalist!? Well dig this–

Environmentalism and the Leisure Class

By  on 1.20.12 @ 6:08AM

In playing Keystone cop, President Obama protects his environmental flank for no good reason.

This week President Obama handed down what may prove to be one of the most fateful decisions of his entire administration when he rejected the plan to build the Keystone XL Pipeline carrying oil from the tar sands of Canada to the refineries of Houston. The decision did not win him one new vote but was crucial in protecting his environmental flank. The movie stars and Sierra Club contributors were getting restless and had drawn the line in the sand.

In turning down Keystone, however, the President has uncovered an ugly little secret that has always lurked beneath the surface of environmentalism. Its basic appeal is to the affluent. Despite all the professions of being “liberal” and “against big business,” environmentalism’s main appeal is that it promises to slow the progress of industrial progress. People who are already comfortable with the present state of affairs — who are established in the environment, so to speak — are happy to go along with this. It is not that they have any greater insight into the mysteries and workings of nature. They are happier with the way things are. In fact, environmentalism works to their advantage. The main danger to the affluent is not that they will be denied from improving their estate but that too many other people will achieve what they already have. As the Forest Service used to say, the person who built his mountain cabin last year is an environmentalist. The person who wants to build one this year is a developer.

read more here:  http://spectator.org/archives/2012/01/20/environmentalism-and-the-leisu

Hows the economy where you are?

I know in my state,  theres been a steady decline in employment,  a HUGE upsurge in Food Stamp usage,  and a drop in sales nationwide.

So, at what point is it a depression?

Ive had AT LEAST 15 different jobs since 2000.  Half of them were seasonal, and you were asked by your employer to sign up for UI.

Is is only small business that is paying Income Tax?

How the hell does a Country afford that budget? The math fails.

Simple.  They take out loans on YOU.

YOU are a commodity. And so are your children.

We will always need a war to pay the future debt, and every tank and gun and missile—is a school, a teacher, and our future.

Until you say NO.

What say you?