Why must there always be someone there to take something good and turn it to shit?  These basterds wont stop until theyve destroyed everything, out of spite.

I guess if they arent going to have there way easy,  they just desecrate everything that is good and holy.

I know better.  You cant use the knowledge you have for evil…..your power will be taken from you.  These bastards are running on a hope and a prayer, just like anyone else these days is…..THAT IT WILL ALL WORK OUT IN THEIR FAVOR.

Well, sorry.

You done screwed up.  You dont feel love.  I pity you.  I pray that the creator takes mercey on your soul.

You are going to need it where your headed……

I dont need to name you.


About nativeoregonian

Im an artist. An Enemy of the State to some. A humble human with a Gift from God to others......you choose.

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