I know in my state,  theres been a steady decline in employment,  a HUGE upsurge in Food Stamp usage,  and a drop in sales nationwide.

So, at what point is it a depression?

Ive had AT LEAST 15 different jobs since 2000.  Half of them were seasonal, and you were asked by your employer to sign up for UI.

Is is only small business that is paying Income Tax?

How the hell does a Country afford that budget? The math fails.

Simple.  They take out loans on YOU.

YOU are a commodity. And so are your children.

We will always need a war to pay the future debt, and every tank and gun and missile—is a school, a teacher, and our future.

Until you say NO.

What say you?


About nativeoregonian

Im an artist. An Enemy of the State to some. A humble human with a Gift from God to others......you choose.

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