Dear Sen. Wyden,

Thank you. Thank you for having the resolve to actually report on the Fukushima Diachi Disaster.
The ENTIRE WORLD is commending you right now on the inter-webs….and I am proud to have you as one of our Senators.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Im really upset at the fact that both the Pacific Fisheries and the Gulf and (the sea currents flow into the North Atlantic)Atlantic Fisheries have been affected by pollution from “strange and suspicious” “accidents”.

I do not believe Fukushima and Deepwater Horizon events were “accidents”.

Senator, I think we are in full economic Warfare. Maybe the facts (if the public even gets them)will show otherwise. Id like to hope so.

These are indeed interesting times. This Country is about to make some real changes. Id like to feel like we still have three branches of Govt in place to make appropriate decisions. Sadly, this is literally not true anymore. We have a real problem with the Executive Branch right now, and We will be looking to our State Govt for solutions. Diplomacy MUST be successful, because the next step will be a show of force from the People of America. This is a reality. This is not the reality I envisioned for my future.

A thousand thank yous is really not enough, Sen. Wyden.

Native Oregonian


About nativeoregonian

Im an artist. An Enemy of the State to some. A humble human with a Gift from God to choose.

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