Its obvious to me, that there is only one explanation for the info coming from Japan and US Govt and NGOs obfuscating and denying and lying.

Japanese authorities cannot tell the truth about #3, so focus on #4, milk that fear factory just to get a little more milage to develop a campaign to deal with blow-back.

Bringing to light the facts about #3, and its man-made act of war that led to its destruction, cannot be told to the public, and JAPAN/TEPCO IS BEING FORCED INTO TELLING LIES TO THE WORLD.

Not to mention the silence NRC and EPA in this Country as to health concerns from radiation exposure.

Now, Im an expert in the School of Life.  I try to rely on logic and reason.  I dont know WTF is really going on over at Fuku-maybe those over there dont either-Its possible. And Im not sure of any perp just yet.  Others in the community have their facts.

I think we will have to wait and see, as there isnt much credibility given to some of the data-but for now-it may be safe to say that-

Japan is being muscled into silence by a foreign Govt, cabal, or banking system?. This will not be obvious to those who are looking at the Fukushima event as separate from other events. One cannot just look at whats happening over there and concede it was a terrible event caused by nature. Common sense wont allow me to!

Meanwhile, while the moves on the Grand Chessboard take place–you are to busy buying supplies and too stressed out from not being able to pinpoint the problem, let alone come to a solution.

My solution is this. Either come to an understanding of the reality of Shadow Govt, and know that a wolverine in a corner only has two good options. Attack and Defend. You cant do this with belief in Govt as Savior.

OR–you can follow the Judas Goat down the garden path, thats what all these BS NGOs and alphabet soup quazi-govt enities–dont get me started on contractors amount to. They will keep you ignorant. Good luck with that!

So whats it gonna be folks? Wolverine or Sheep?


About nativeoregonian

Im an artist. An Enemy of the State to some. A humble human with a Gift from God to choose.

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