Sopa, you tube, and a suggestion.

Still LOVING the great outdoors.

Listening to something about SOPA…

People, get off of youtube, I mean, its great for education and all, but if your going to be active, and want free speech?

I think you need your own site.

Its ok to provide something, sell it, profit keeps you online.

Just a suggestion….


They want the Net. Really bad. To hell with that.

Why must there always be someone there to take something good and turn it to shit?  These basterds wont stop until theyve destroyed everything, out of spite.

I guess if they arent going to have there way easy,  they just desecrate everything that is good and holy.

I know better.  You cant use the knowledge you have for evil…..your power will be taken from you.  These bastards are running on a hope and a prayer, just like anyone else these days is…..THAT IT WILL ALL WORK OUT IN THEIR FAVOR.

Well, sorry.

You done screwed up.  You dont feel love.  I pity you.  I pray that the creator takes mercey on your soul.

You are going to need it where your headed……

I dont need to name you.

Thats right… IS a new Age. But it isnt going to be what you expected!

Im online blogging, because I know something is happening right now.  To Humanity.  Now I may be an ignorant American to some…..but others know better, and know whats really going on.  Im a 30 something Gen X artist and im VERY PISSED OFF.  Tune in later, to find out why.

This blog will be disscussing the high life, current events, art specific to the NW Teritories, and the future of freedom for ALL individuals worldwide.  Tune in …..the life you save, may be your own.